Welcome to Blingspiration!

I just love how bling sparkles.  I can’t get enough of it!

I have no doubt that’s how Christ sees our smiles, giggles, laughs and faces. We are beautiful creations in his sight. Did you know that?

He loves us more than we can ever fathom.

Many years ago, I accepted Christ into my heart, knowing I was a sinner. But saved by this grace, I reached out to him. Over the years, I have relied on HIM to help me through difficult times – depressions, loses, death and wrong-doings. I can say his GRACE abounds more!

It is the wisdom of the Word of God that guides our hearts and minds. And my prayer is that through my stories you will be encouraged – girls ( little charms), teens (Jewel Keepers) and women (Real Diamonds).

Little Charms

Fun stories designed for you to read to girls that encourage them, build their self-esteem and discover their identify in Jesus.

Jewel Keepers

Fictional wholesome romance stories, as well as question/answer blogs to encourage tweens on their fight for purity.

Real Diamonds

Fictional stories and testimonies from my life to encourage woman – single or married to live a open and transparent life with Jesus, while overcoming the hurts and struggles we all face in this broken world.

We are all HIS Bling – no matter our age!

Mrs. J. Young

Mrs J Young

Mrs. J. Young is a children’s book author and inspirational Christian writer.  Her writing career began as a feature writer for a local daily newspaper in 1997. For the past 17 years, she has written and published on a variety of topics, ranging from news columns, technology papers, inspirational and gardening articles. Her first picture book, Tea for You and Me was published in 2014.   She has written tween romance novels, which are available for tween feedback and review, while she waits for Christian publishers to take a stance for Tweens. She is a romantic at heart, a born again believer, a wife, a daughter and a bestie.


Christian inspiration for girls, tweens and women