Weeping Willow

The Day the Willows Stopped Weeping

I am not sure of the exact date, but I am remember it was a crisp cool day in the autumn. And I quite remember their light droopy branches gliding through my bangs, kind of like the soapy drapes that flop around in a car wash. I lay on the crunchy grass and admired how their willows pooled on the ground.

I wondered why are they called weeping willows. If anyone should be weeping, it should be me. I had, after all, written my 95th journal entry about Simon, only to see him holding hands with his new girlfriend. My Simon, how could he not know how I felt? We were supposed to be holding hands. Not her, whoever she was.

A few tears welled up in my eyes as I thought, “Why are you weeping willow trees?”

Only before I could say it, that question was asked of me.

The weeping willow tree leaned slightly to the left and said, “Why do you weep, Budding Flower?”

I was surprised, yet relieved to have someone to talk with, even if it was a tree.

“Because no one loves me,” I said as my lips puckered, holding back the waterworks of tears.

Diverting the tree from my love problem, I asked it, “Why do you weep, Willows?”

“I weep for you, Budding Flower,” It said.

“For me?” I said.

“You weep because no one loves you. I weep because I love you,” It said.

“How long will you keep weeping for someone like me?” I asked, as I curled up at the base of its trunk, laying my head on its bark.

“The day my willows stop weeping, is when you weep no more,” It said.

My eyes gushed with tears.

“I can’t imagine a day when I will ever stop weeping. I practically sob over the littlest things.”

“Me too,” It said as I felt it’s willows rise off the ground to smile.

“My willows pool at your feet weeping for the loveliness in your budding heart,” It said.

I felt a cool breeze blow by drying my eyes.

Then, I made probably the easiest promise I could ever make with a tree.

I promised the Willows, I’d never stop weeping, and It promised too.


Writer’s Interpretation

In our sadness, disappointments, and missed opportunities, let’s face it… we SOB! This world is full of the gushers, those of us who cry. And the stuffers, those of us who stuff feelings and don’t cry.  I am a gusher, and I’m here to say: “It’s okay.”  While we don’t have a talking willow tree to tell us, we have Jesus Christ to love us and cry with us. One of the shortest passages in the bible says, “Jesus wept.”  So, if he did, we sure can.  Psalms 55:22 reads, “Cast your cares on the Lord, and he will sustain you.” (NIV) I would add, even the littlest cares, like the Simons. Be encouraged.