Sketch Pad of Dad

The Zinny twins loved to paint and to draw

…and everything they saw.

They always loved their Dad very much.

But they didn’t know where Dad went…or when he was coming back.

They were very sad, and sometimes cried.

But one  day a Zinny sister jumped out of bed.

She took out her new sketchpad.. and said, “Let’s go find Dad!”

Twisting and spinning into the sketchpad.

The Zinny twins drew exactly what they said.

3, 2, 1, blast off!

We’re  on the moon.

Speeding and turning all around, they saw a flaming light…

… was it an Flaming-amazing- incredible car?


Dad popped open a door.

“Come on! Let’s go for a ride!” said Dad.

Weeee… Down, down into the deep blue sea!

They raced dolphins and shinny fish.

By an old ship…they found a key to box of buried treasure.

Up to a crystal castle,

they solved a riddle from Queen Frazzle Dazzle.

At the sandy beach,

Dad made the tallest sand castle!

Dashing into the sky…

They went to Mars,

“Let’s go fishing for stars!”

Dad caught two stars.

Floating and gliding back to home.

They placed dad in his favorite chair.

“Let’s sit on his lap,” they said.

“Happy Birthday, Dad.”

“We missed you too much.”


My dad could be gone or just away for a while. No matter, Dad has a special place in our heart. When I miss my dad, I fold my hands and pray. Jesus help me as I miss Dad.

Matthew 5:4 helps me know that as I am sad, Jesus will comfort me.